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Hair Spa/ Hair Treatment

There is nothing more relaxing than a good hair spa treatment. At Diamond Salon, we pamper every strand of your hair thanks to the gifted, gentle hands of our hair care professionals. Hair spa is a healthy indulgence that exfoliates your hair, stimulates your scalp and promotes hair growth.

A hair spa treatment is the best solution for dry, frizzy hair. It also relaxes your body and relieves stress. That’s the best part about hair spa!

  • What do you get in a Hair Spa at Diamond Salon?
    Step 1: Rejuvenation Hair Massage
    First, we apply a spa cream on your hair and gently massage the hair for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy the pampering session. Massage with cream deeply nourishes your hair and scalp. It increases blood circulation in the roots and conditions the hair thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Steam Application
    Second, we use mild steaming on the hair for another 20 odd minutes. This process helps in locking in the nutrients and intensifies the conditioning. This is another half an hour of pampering for your hair.
  • Step 3: Hair Wash and Blow-dry
    Finally, we wash the hair with a good shampoo and blow dry at normal air temperature. Serums are applied as per requirement.

How long does a Hair Spa Last?
Normally, a hair spa lasts somewhere between 15 to 30 days. It will vary from candidate to candidate depending on their hair quality and lifestyle. How you maintain your hair and follow your hair stylist advice makes a significant difference in the duration.

What is anti-dandruff treatment?
Dandruff is typical especially during winters, and consequently, a big issue for people with oily scalp. For obvious reasons, nobody likes to keep a check on their shoulders and rub off flakes now and then.( Blows your self-esteem, right?). And when home remedies fail, the solution for this dandruff is anti-dandruff treatment at Diamond Salon.


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